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Yves Bonnefoy Books - Second Simplicity is a handsome edition of Bonnefoy's recent work... a stunning presentation of a major poet.


Selected, translated, and introduced by Hoyt Rogers

'Second Simplicity is a handsome edition of Bonnefoy's recent work . . . a stunning presentation of a major poet.' — Jim Kates, The Arts Fuse

'In these translations, Rogers is not looking to turn back the corners of the originals, gather up the bits from which they are assembled, and reassemble them on a new chassis. He experiences the poems and with his wind, fire, water, and art he crafts sibling poems.' — Nicole Zdeb, The Quarterly Conversation

'As the foreword to his lucid and responsible translations of Yves Bonnefoy's late work reveals, Hoyt Rogers has mastered the grand cumulus of ulterior translation, criticism, commentary, and biographical circumstance which so formidably confronts, and possibly daunts, the interpreter as well as the common reader, so that indeed Second Simplicity is for seasoned practitioners of this master not only a sort of precocious capstone of the still-rising edifice of the Great Work, but for newcomers to Bonnefoy an excellent, even an ideal, entrance to this writer's vast creation.' ― Richard Howard

'The final exemplar of a poetic legacy that begins with Baudelaire and Mallarmé, Yves Bonnefoy is the last figure standing in a monumental tradition that has shaped modern European literature. This lovingly supple and authoritative presentation by Hoyt Rogers of the rich, endlessly rewarding later phase of the great poet's work forms an invaluable contribution to our own poetry.' ― Jonathan Galassi

'Second Simplicity is a magnificent collection by Yves Bonnefoy, one of the world's most important poets, in brilliant translations by Hoyt Rogers. The poems are dramatic and startling, apparently simple as falling snow and actually deep as life and time. Bonnefoy searches for truths beyond language, each truth an adventure in seeing the world anew. His vision is profound and yet bright with promise, for, as he observes, "Day is breaking, even beyond time."' ― Grace Schulman

Hoyt Rogers : THE POETICS OF INCONSTANCY - A study of Renaissance verse.


A study of Renaissance verse

'The transformation of Late Petrarchism from its earlier stages reflects a profound shift in cultural values—a "crisis of the Renaissance" that generated new perspectives in poetic theory and practice. Broadly, this book identifies a distinctive "poetics of inconstancy" that came to the fore at the end of the sixteenth century and pervaded the love verse of the age. …The book takes as its point of departure a single poet: Etienne Durand. Because of his frequently anthologized "Stances à l'Inconstance," he is often singled out as "the poet of inconstancy." However, The Poetics of Inconstancy identifies the theme of universal change as a hallmark of his contemporaries as well—the signal of a stylistic revolution that heralded the end of Renaissance verse.' — Chapel Hill/University of North Carolina Press

'Par des explications de textes, minutieuses et très éclairantes, Hoyt Rogers invite au repérage des thèmes et des figures familiers pour prouver, en cette Renaissance finissante, des stratégies de la déviation et de la surprise dans une poésie brillante et en apparence répétitive, conduite à osciller entre l'excès de sens et le vide sémantique.' — Danièle Duport, Revue d'Histoire littéraire de la France

'In the English-speaking world, this is the first study to link French Renaissance poetry with the Mannerism prevalent in European art during the late sixteenth century. With sure-footed erudition, Rogers traces the gradual decline of Petrarchan idealism—focused on a single, deified beloved like Laura or Délie—and the simultaneous rise of amorous inconstancy in Ronsard and his successors. His book concludes with an illuminating discussion of parallels between literary Mannerism in France and similar trends throughout Europe, epitomized by the thematic and stylistic multivalence of Shakespeare.' — Roy Rosenstein

Yves Bonnefoy : THE DIGAMMA - Translated and introduced by Hoyt Rogers.


Translated and introduced by Hoyt Rogers

'Heralded as one of France's greatest poets, Yves Bonnefoy has been dazzling readers since the publication of his first book in 1953… His latest book of poetry in prose, The Digamma, fits wonderfully into his impressive oeuvre, offering his signature style of simple but powerful language... The collection includes haunting reflections on Poussin, Shakespeare, children, nature, vanished cultures, and the origins of art.' — Seagull Books/University of Chicago Press

'You have not only been for me the intrepid reader who plunges daringly into the text to turn over the soil beneath it, to expand its meanings and develop its allusions, you have also been, and you remain, the one who reads the writer you are translating in such a generous, trusting way, that the author's work can blossom, with flowers not always obvious… within the language of origin. This trustfulness has complemented your rigorous demands during all the time you have been translating my poems—and my prose-pieces as well, that "poetry in prose" which sparks such a quandary for English, but which has spurred you to so many fitting and graceful solutions.' — Yves Bonnefoy, 'A Conversation with Hoyt Rogers,' Yale University Press

JORGE LUIS BORGES : Selected Poems - Translated by Alastair Reid, Hoyt Rogers, Mark Strand, and others; edited by Alexander Coleman.


Translated by Alastair Reid, Hoyt Rogers, Mark Strand, and others; edited by Alexander Coleman

'Though universally acclaimed for his influential fictions, Jorge Luis Borges always considered himself first and foremost a poet. A decade before writing his earliest stories, Borges published his first book of poems. And even in that precocious debut, the twenty-four-year-old poet claimed for himself the principal themes that would preoccupy him for the next half century: the cult of his ancestors and his "mysterious habit called Buenos Aires"; the enigma of time and the many yesterdays of history; the metaphysics of Schopenhauer and Berkeley; the now-familiar mirrors, mazes, and swords.

'This new bilingual selection brings together some two hundred poems—the largest collection of Borges' poetry ever assembled in English, including scores of poems never previously translated. Edited by Alexander Coleman, the selection draws from a lifetime's work—from Borges's first published volume of verse, Fervor de Buenos Aires (1923), to his final work, Los conjurados, published just a year before his death in 1986. Throughout this unique collection the brilliance of the Spanish originals is matched by luminous English versions rendered by a remarkable cast of translators: Willis Barnstone, Alexander Coleman, Robert Fitzgerald, Stephen Kessler, Kenneth Krabbenhoft, Eric McHenry, W. S. Merwin, Alastair Reid, Hoyt Rogers, Mark Strand, Charles Tomlinson, Alan S. Trueblood, and John Updike.' — Viking Centennial Edition

'A generous volume of the poetry of Borges has now been published by Viking, edited by Alexander Coleman and translated by various hands… His poetry is deeply involved in the fictions, as one discovers in reading through his Selected Poems, where his abiding themes (the puzzle of identity, the illusory nature of the physical universe, the alluring yet maddening nature of love) and symbols (the mirror, the labyrinth, the tiger, the game, the double) are summoned and repossessed.' — Jay Parini, The Nation

Yves Bonnefoy : THE CURVED PLANKS - Translated by Hoyt Rogers, with a foreword by Richard Howard and two essays by Hoyt Rogers.


Translated by Hoyt Rogers, with a foreword by Richard Howard and two essays by Hoyt Rogers

'Yves Bonnefoy is one of the rare poets in the history of literature to have sustained the highest level of artistic excellence throughout an entire lifetime—more than half a century now, and still counting. These recent poems, superbly translated by Hoyt Rogers, attest to his enduring greatness.' ― Paul Auster

'I have been deeply impressed, reading Hoyt Rogers' translations of Yves Bonnefoy's Les Planches Courbes. They are much more than English versions of these strong and delicate originals—they are recreations that become distinct poems in English, a true and loving homage to their source.' ― Alastair Reid

'This bilingual edition of The Curved Planks sets the French texts alongside English versions by the noted translator Hoyt Rogers, who has collaborated closely with Bonnefoy in crafting poems that re-create the freshness and vision of the originals. The volume also includes a preface by the renowned poet and critic Richard Howard and essays by the translator that situate The Curved Planks in the author's body of work. All assist in introducing the English-language reader to Bonnefoy's profound poetic gift.' — Farrar, Straus and Giroux

HOYT ROGERS: WITNESSES - A poetry collection.


A poetry collection

'Every poem is an island, surrounded by the ocean of language; these microcosmic works by Hoyt Rogers map a gleaming archipelago of words.' — Pablo Baez

'Intermingling poems in verse with poems in prose, Witnesses is a cry of love, suspended in time, with the terror and beauty of youth. The purity of its timbre evokes John Keats, but its vast respiration and bold roaming connect it mysteriously to Walt Whitman. It teaches us to take delight, all over again, in the miracle of utterance. Most saliently, Witnesses plunges us into the strata of human experience that lie hidden in subterranean privacy, emerging only as prayer. Personally, I return to this collection again and again: it is a volume for all seasons.' — Anne Davenport

'Los poemas de Hoyt Rogers son como hermosos caracoles que recogemos en la playa. Nos enriquecen, nos revitalizan, pero sobre todo nos llenan de poesía, especialmente cuando de noche nos los acercamos al oído y distinguimos su voz mezclada con la del mar.' — Frank Baez

To order a copy of Witnesses, please write to: retawnitriw@gmail.com

André du Bouchet : OPENWORK - Selected, translated, and presented by Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers; cover portrait and frontispiece by Giacometti.


Selected, translated, and presented by Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers; cover portrait and frontispiece by Giacometti

'This bilingual selection of poems and notebook jottings by André du Bouchet (1924-2001) is an exciting addition to contemporary French poetry available in translation. Openwork includes many poems that have remained unknown in English and, above all, shows the simultaneous coherence and evolution of the poet's work from the 1950s through his last years. The introduction by Hoyt Rogers is the most far-reaching essay on du Bouchet I have ever read in English.' — John Taylor, The Arts Fuse

'The translations themselves are marvelous… Here we have a poet whose lines often contain worlds… a master of the image… a pure pleasure to read.' — Micah Mattix, Books and Culture

'In this finely edited selection of the poetry and prose of André du Bouchet, two distinguished translators, Paul Auster and Hoyt Rogers, enable our eyes and ears to absorb a profoundly authoritative language world of majestic beauty. Fragmentary, stripped down, elliptical, it presents an unmistakable individual in an unmistakable landscape.' — Anthony Rudolf

'Rogers and Auster are vivid and eloquent translators… for an introduction to André du Bouchet in English, begin here.' — Chris Miller, PN Review

Longlisted for the 2015 Best Translated Book Award

Yves Bonnefoy : TOGETHER STILL - Translated by Hoyt Rogers with guidance from Mathilde Bonnefoy; afterword by Hoyt Rogers.


Translated by Hoyt Rogers with guidance from Mathilde Bonnefoy; afterword by Hoyt Rogers

'Together Still is Yves Bonnefoy's final poetic work, composed just months before his death. The book is nothing short of a literary testament, addressed to his wife, his daughter, his friends, and his readers throughout the world. In these pages, he ruminates on his legacy to future generations, his insistence on living in the present, his belief in the triumphant lessons of beauty, and, above all, his courageous identification of poetry with hope.' — Seagull Books/University of Chicago Press

'"…And that light, / When it stands still, is happiness." Maybe that light is happiness, but light, in Bonnefoy's personal aesthetic lexicon, is rarely so stable, so still. Elsewhere in this light-filled book we also glimpse "the thing still awaiting its name." Translator Hoyt Rogers rightly singles out the sonnet sequence "Together Music and Memory" as Bonnefoy's finest.' — Kurt Heinzelman, World Literature Today

'Hoyt Rogers displays extraordinary skill as a translator of this oeuvre, given the precision and imaginative daring of his choices, his metrical ear, and his multilayered knowledge of Yves Bonnefoy's work.' ― Marilyn Hacker

Yves Bonnefoy : TOGETHER STILL - Translated by Hoyt Rogers with guidance from Mathilde Bonnefoy; afterword by Hoyt Rogers.

YVES BONNEFOY   ROME 1630: Horizon of the Early Baroque

Translated and with and afterword by Hoyt Rogers (Seagull Books)

'The Tintoretto Portfolio,' four poems and an essay in The Fortnightly Review; 'Lost Houses' and 'Maidendown,' a sequence of poems in Plume 7; 'Heard in Haarlem,' three poems in Plume online; Outside: Poetry and Prose by André du Bouchet (Bitter Oleander Press), with Eric Fishman; Points South, a fictional memoir (Writ in Water Publishing); Heard in Paintings, a poetry collection (Caravaggio Press); Sailing to Noon, a novel (Insula Books), Book One of The Caribbean Trilogy (with Artemisia Vento); Snow Poems by Yves Bonnefoy, translated by Hoyt Rogers with illustrations by Mary Heebner (Florio Editions).

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